Video-Conferencing Educational Services (ViCES)

144650-TEMPUS-2008-IT-JPGR (2009-2012)


Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Mechatronics Studies (DRIMS)

TEMPUS IV Project 158644 – DE – JPCR


Innovation and Knowledge Management towards eStudent Information System (iKnow) 

511342-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPGR (2010-2012)


Development of Environmental and Resources Engineering Learning (DEREL)



Workflow and Document Management Infrastructure towards Integrated University (WODOMI) 

Tempus UM_JEP 40045-2005 (2006-2009)


Sustainable Multilingual Interoperable Learning Environment (SMILE)

Tempus SCM-C009B05-2005 (2006-2007)

Quality Assurance and Accreditation System Network (QAASNet)

Tempus SCM-C011B05-2005 (2006-2007)


Management and Business Education in Computer Studies (MABECS) 

Tempus CD_JEP 18046-2003 (2004-2007)


Wireless Campus for Strengthening of Student Services (WCSSS)

Tempus UM_JEP 17045-2002 (2003-2005)


Virtual Digital Library and Digitalization as a part of DES (VDL-DES)

Tempus UM_JEP 16155-2001 (2002-2004)


Implementation of ECTS at the University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski

Tempus UM_JEP 15058-2000 (2001-2003)


Administration et gestion des universités dans l’ARYM 

Tempus UM_JEP 15032-2000 (2001-2003)


Specialist Studies for Professor of Secondary Vocational Education in Mechanics

Tempus AC_JEP 14136-99 (1999-2000)


Virtual Laboratory as a Part of a Virtual University (VLVU) 

Tempus UM_JEP 14078-99 (1999-2000)


Development of University Information System (DUIS)

Tempus UM_JEP 13568-98 (1998-2000)


Distance Education System (DES) 

Tempus UM_JEP 13371-98 (1998-2000)