First cycle

Enrollment in first cycle studies

  First enrollment period Second enrollment period Third enrollment period
Application of candidates 27.03 и 01.08.2020 14 и 15.09.2020 24.06.2020
Publish a preliminary ranking list 07.09.2020 17.09.2020 25.09.2020
Complaints 08.09.2020 18.09.2020 26.09.2020
Announcing the decision for admission of the candidates 09.09.2020 21.09.2020 28.09.2020
Enrollment of candidates 10 и 11.09.2020 23.09.2020 30.09.2020
Enrollment deadlines

For all candidates it is mandatory electronic registration which you can do on the following link: online enrollment.

Active study programs and number of students admitted
study program regular co-payment (EUR) regular with tuition co-payment (EUR) вонредни co-payment (EUR)
INKI (eight semesters) 200 200 60 400 30 400
ИКТ (шест семестри) 50 200 20 400 10 400

You can view the study programs in detail at the following link: study programs.

Required application documents

  1. Application for enrollment
  2. Original certificates from all classes of secondary education
  3. Original documents: Diploma for completed secondary education in the academic year 2019/2020 / Diploma for passed state matura / Certificate of completed secondary education
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Proof of citizenship of RSM (certificate of solution)
  6. Applicants applying for enrollment as part-time students must submit in addition to the above and the documents specified in Chapter III, item 3
  7. Candidates applying for enrollment with a related higher or higher education must submit an appropriate certificate or diploma, and candidates in the parallel study category must also submit an appropriate certificate for the status of a student at a related university, study group or direction.

Second cycle

Third cycle

Online enrollment