Проф. д-р Пеце Митревски

Редовен Професор

  • Архитектура и организација на компјутери.
  • Податочни комуникации и мрежи.
  • Паралелно и повеќејадрено пресметување.
  • Виртуелизација и пресметување во облак.
  • Формални методи и евалуација на перформанси (втор циклус).
Pece Mitrevski received his Dipl.-Ing. (BSc) and MSc degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, and the PhD degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, both at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He has been on the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the “St. Clement of Ohrid” University in Bitola since 1991, serving as Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (2010-2014), later growing into Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies as a newly established institution. His research interests include Computer Architecture, Instruction-Level Parallelism, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Stochastic Petri Nets, Performance and Reliability Analysis of Computer Systems, Behavioral Modeling, Electronic Commerce and Computational Economics. He has published more than a hundred papers in journals and refereed conference proceedings, and lectured extensively on these topics. He has also served as a program committee member and reviewer for numerous conferences and a couple of SCI-indexed international journals. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM.